About us

The Manx Airsoft Club is a player ran club for airsoft events. We were established in 2000 (although we existed informally before this) and are run by a committee of members.

All proceeds the club makes are used to buy consumables to sell to players at cost, improve the site or advertise the club to bring in new players.

Our site is based up in Jurby, along the Jurby Coast Road, past the airfield. Directions are available through Google Maps. Players can gear up inside in a lit and warm cabin and toilet facilities are also on site.

We have built a range of structures and barricades on site and have a range of props to enhance the game play, from bunkers and buildings, to trenches and mortar pits.

We believe our site provides something for everyone, regardless of how you want to play. There’s plenty of opportunities to take the long way round and flank the enemy, or go charging forward dashing from cover to cover.

The club is currently run by a committee of 5 players who also act as player marshals. If you have any questions on the day, look out for our marshal patches in game or come to the site office. Our current committee is:

Kevin Giles – Club Chairman

Geraint Goodson – Club Treasurer

Gerard May – Club Secretary

Adam Smith

Mike Fargher

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