The Manx Airsoft Club was formally established in the year 2000, comprised of a standing Committee elected from the club’s members, paid members and walk-on players. The club is non-profit meaning all proceeds are reinvested; to buy consumables for sale to players at cost, improve the site itself or advertise the club to bring in new players.

Our site is based up in Jurby, along the Jurby Coast Road just past the Jurby airfield. Directions are available through Google Maps.


Safe Zone:

  • Multiple player cabins – for gearing up away from the weather
  • Outside kit-up area
  • Toilets
  • Site office – shop, hire equipment, consumables and charge batteries.
  • Main car park
  • Chronograph services

Game Zone:

  • Trench systems
  • Fixed village like structure
  • Burnt-out vehicles
  • Tracks and pathways
  • Large undergrowth
  • Large open areas

Game Assets:

  • 3 mobile vehicles for mounted operation game styles
  • Large array of props
  • Themed heavy systems (.50cal machine gun, mortars, anti-tank weaponry)
  • Player and non-player marshals

We have custom built a range of structures and barricades on site specifically to cater to all types of play. Both standard airsoft games and the more complex milsim type operations are both perfectly at home on our site. We believe our site provides something for everyone, regardless of how you want to play. There’s plenty of opportunities to take the flanking manoeuvres or go charging forward dashing from cover to cover. The choice is yours!

The site itself is largely green and suits a darker type of uniform choice, although tan based uniform is also suited to the terrain.

The club is currently run by a committee of 5 players who also act as player/non-player marshals. If you have any questions on the day, look out for our marshal in game who will also be identified during the safety brief.


Kevin Giles – Club Chairman
Geraint Goodson – Club Treasurer
Gerard May – Club Secretary
Mike Fargher – Head Marshal
Adam Smith – Committee Member
Rich Walton – Committee Member

Andy Reynolds – Committee Member