Depending on the time of year, our site can very from 6ft + high ferns where you could hide standing up without being noticed in the summer, to very open with patchy cover in winter, and anything in between. This means that players have to adopt their style of play throughout the year, from laying in ambushes one month to more direct action and heavy covering fire to close the distance. We have made various additions to the site such as the Omega bunker, Comms Tower, FOB, the ‘Village’ and various wrecked vehicles. There are also various barricades, trenches and man made cover dotted around the site.

Our site is located along Jurby Coast Road, past the airfield. If you need directions, our site is marked on Google Maps and the entrance to the site is marked with a Manx Airsoft Club banner. Once you’ve found this, drive up the track and follow the sign posts for player parking.

Google Earth Location: