The MAC Committee are all non-paid volunteers who have devoted their free time to creating the Island’s Premier Airsoft Experience.

If you have any issues or general questions you can always contact a Committee member for assistance.

This is who we are….

Club Chairman Mike Fargher

Mike has recently taken over the role from our long standing previous Chairman Graham, with a fresh perspective and drive Mike is pushing progression of the club to new levels and reputation.

Club Treasurer Geraint Goodson

Keeping the club financially progressive and funding benefits the members first and foremost. Geraint also handles much of the site maintenance and upgrades and organises our Away Trips to represent the Island.

Adam Smith Projects Manager

Arguably the brains behind the operation, Adam controls the logistics of creating and maintaining a diverse club that’s appealing to all. Also reposnsible for the creation and management of our Weekender events, adding a new dynamic of Military Simulation to our games.

Jomarre Tomlinson PR & Media

Our point man for customer services and enquiries, Jomarre has a long background of public service and controls feedback from players to committee. Team Leader for our Away Trips and runs the office on Game Days. Also responsible for communication via social networking platforms and our sponsors.

Kevin Giles Head Marshal

Kev’s wealth of experience and passion for Airsoft makes him uniquely qualified to control our game days and Battle Series scenario briefs. Using this to promote fair yet challenging games and enhancing the experience for all our members.

Peter Croly Logistics

Keeping the Club topped up with building supplies for our ever expanding site is no easy task, skills Pete easily brings over from his vast experience of the trades. Also a Team Leader for Battle Series events and Away Trips, maintaining a level of balance across Club events.

Colin Collister Club Secretary

Aside from taking and preparing minutes for Committee meetings, Colin’s most valuable attribute to the club is his passion for the sport and intent for the club to grow. Along with providing building supplies, Marshal support and a whole family of airsofters Colin meets members on personal level to gain valuable site feedback.

Martyn Stephens Vehicles Manager

Often confused with being the quiet one, which is certainly not true, Martyn provides our main technical support with our vehicles and engineering aspects of the club. With a brilliant outlook and drive to enhance club facilities, Martyn brings a great balance of laughter and progression to the day to day running of the MAC.