20-21 July 2019 – Manx Airsoft Club, Jurby, Isle of Man


20 July 2029 – Hantsavichy Radar Station, Baranavichy, Belarus

NATO deployments to combat ANTS operations in Syria, Crimea and the rest of the continent has resulted in mainland Europe put under the exclusive control and management of CTF6 and USSOCOM. 

Fearing a potential defeat at the hands of western forces, ANTS reconnaissance and shock troops have pulled back to Russian controlled territories forming a line of exposure in Belarus (bordering Poland & Ukraine).

Intelligence has indicated a mass build-up of the remaining forward troops in the area of Baranavichy, Belarus. A previously decommissioned Radar Station in the area has peaked interest of USSOCOM which has deployed CTF6 to the surrounding area for forward observation and reconnaissance tasking.


• Infiltrate area of Baranavichy

• Setup covert FOB

• Gather intelligence on ANTS activities/logistics/troop deployment

• Eradicate ANTS forces from the AO

It is unknown at this point if a CBRN Threat is to be considered, however CTF6 Forces will need to take precautions and be expected to combat threats in multiple gas states where necessary.

With the large amount of CTF6 and support troops needed to take on this missions, a large area of controlled ground would be left vulnerable to stationed ANTS forces in Turkey. Therefore it is of the highest priority that ANTS forces must be stopped and forcibly removed from the area, failure to do so will result in the overall failure of CTF6 and USSOCOM in this area of operations.


Site will be open from 15:00 20th July 2019

17:00 to 23:59 Saturday 20th July 2019

10:00 to 16:00 Sunday 21st July 2019

(The above times are correct and not a mistake, this game will be played during night as well as day)

Prices & Booking:

Full Weekend £30

Single Day £15

Payment methods: Cash/PayPal 

Weekend Reservation-

Team :
Gun Hire? :

Saturday Night Reservation-

Team :
Gun Hire? :

Sunday Reservation-

Team :
Gun Hire? :

Once booked add yourself to the Facebook event for intel updates, amendments and important information: https://www.facebook.com/events/422652401614076/

Refunds for ticket bookings will be available up until 48hrs before the event. If you have any concerns or questions please ask them now.


CTF6 (Tan Clothing/Multicam/MTP/DDPM)

ANTS (Green Clothing/Multicam Tropic/DPM/Flectarn/Black Clothing)

Radio Channels:



Team Commanders:

CTF6 – Kevin Giles – MAC Committee

ANTS – Adam Smith – MAC Committee


The standard MAC Battle Series Map will be in use, located here: http://www.manxairsoftclub.co.uk/index.php/mac-battle-series

Gun/Kit Hire available for booking via the Facebook Page messenger service. Limited spaces available so please book in advance.

Night time play will be allowed at this event, this is however optional and all individuals who do not wish to play at night can either participate in actor roles on site or remain in the safezone.

Additional Safety briefs will be required due to night time play, please arrive on time to allow game start times to not be delayed.

We will be releasing further information closer to the date, however please keep an eye of the event and Facebook page for details.