MAC Battle Series 2019 – Operation Cobalt Backstory

10 Years after the US & UK pulled out of Syria, Assad remains in absolute power and the NATO Coalition has gone into disarray. 

European countries including Hungary and Croatia have terminated their alliances with NATO, however the unions biggest loss was the retraction of Turkey’s membership over the handling of the Syrian Civil War.

Forming a new Coalition with their neighbouring nation, Turkey has committed to opposing western democracy over Arab nations and creating the ‘Arab Nations of Turkey & Syria (ANTS).’ Previous Syrian Government Forces were not perceived to be a viable threat to NATO but with their new ally boosting their standing army and overall morale, tensions in the Mediterranean are high.

In a statement in Geneva last year General Thomas Milligan (NATO Commander in Chief) confirmed any aggression towards EU Nations from ANTS militants or collaborators will be dealt with swiftly, fiercely and without restraint. 

In a bid to bolster their position on the world chess board ANTS launched cyber attacks against Greece, Italy and Spain in December 2028 on Christmas Eve,  severely crippling their power stations and transport networks. During the assault operatives of the NSA stationed in Madrid were able to locate the origin of the hack and briefly access the intruders systems. Broken intel references point to a large movement of Turkish shock troops with the moniker “Operation Cobalt Strings” have left NATO with serious concerns.

The current state of affairs has led to the formulation of the Combined Task Force 6 (CTF6), a multinational special forces contingent designed for direct action and counter intelligence operations. Stationed in Sicily they await potential orders from NATO command for forward operations.

“What may start in the Mediterranean, may encompass the entire world. Let us hope the next generations will speak of a victory and not the deafening silence of annihilation”

 – General Thomas Milligan, NATO Commandant, December 2028.

Team Commanders

CTF6: Kev Giles


Team Camo:

CTF6: Tan

ANTS: Green

Radio Channels:



Marshal: FRS10

Events will comprise of our normal timings but include a “whole of day” game similar to our weekenders with objectives and throughout the game. The only break in game play will be for lunch at pre-determined times and include in game respawn points.

Battle Series Dates:

20 January 2019 – Battle Series
3 March 2019 – Battle Series
14 April 2018 – Battle Series
26 May 2019 – Battle Series
7 July 2019 – Battle Series
18 August 2019 – Battle Series
29 September 2019 – Battle Series
10 November 2019 – Battle Series


The below map will be utilised for all MAC Battle Series events. Objectives may be relayed to commanders using grid references so players may which to get themselves a laminated copy.

Kit Requirements

We advise players to bring a day sack consisting of water, snacks and ammo/pyro for the event. Respawn points will be on the site.

Player Requirements
We would like to ask that all feedback for these event be reverted directly to the committee. If you like something tell us, if you don’t like something tell us. We will accept suggestions and roll them out in the next events and hopefully make your game days that little bit better.

Please be aware these games will be long, continuous and require some effort. If anyone feels their fitness may prevent them from participating please let us know and we will accommodate you into the storyline so you don’t miss out.

We will be adding the dates to the main website is due course but can confirm the first event of the year will be the 22nd January.

£7.50 subscribed member
£15 day member (includes kit hire)
Prices include equipment hire.

Sign in open: 10.45
Safety brief: 11.15
Endex: 16.30 (weather and player dependent).