4-5th April 2020 – Stirling Airsoft – The Trees, UK

IMPORTANT: This deposit is to book the boat and minibus. You will need to separately book onto the event with Stirling Airsoft, YOU MUST DO THAT FIRST TO GUARANTEE A SPACE! This usually requires a deposit of £45 and booking usually opens around 3 months before the event. Stirling event booking is done through:

In the “Team Name” section please put Manx Airsoft Club.

This is a Woodland event where you are required to camp outdoors and no accommodation is provided, therefore an extremely high standard of personal admin is mandatory. You will need to provide your own camping gear, we will not be bringing the club tent as we won’t have the ability to get it on site.

This event is a 24 hour, non-stop event which will involve being in the game zone at all times. What little sleep you do get will be whilst wearing eye pro and our sleeping area could be attacked at any time.

This event is focused on patrolling, scouting and recce type game play. Firefights will be scarce but will be more intense when they do happen. The ground is hard to move and care will be required to prevent injury.

We will be joining the OPFOR team meaning the camo requirements will be DPM/Grey/Black/OD/RG and non-tan denominated clothing. The colour of your gear does not count, but you might risk getting shot if you wear full MC gear, especially at night.

Please also note M81/US Woodland is NOT ALLOWED for the OPFOR team and is reserved for the TF team… so do not pack any!

Further information can be found at Stirlings site:

Cut of for booking via us will be the 30 February 2020