Manx Airsoft Club Online Booking
Booking for regular game days only, if you require a quote for a private hire game please email and we’ll be in touch shortly.

How to Book
Selecting from the below options;
a. Choose Date – The date in which you wish to attend the club, this is an additional selection attached to each payment option
b. Membership Status – Add ‘Walk On Fee‘ for a non-member and ‘Member Game Fee‘ for a paid club member**
c. Kit Hire – Do you require a hire gun/eye protection/camo uniform, if you do select ‘Yes’ for an additional £5 fee.
d. Annual Membership Fees – Optional payment option for annual fees, if you have already paid this fee then always select the ‘Member Game Fee’ option

Please note:
For the first two open games post COVID-19 the walk on & member fees will be £5 standard, these will increase to normal fees on the 10/07/2020.
If you intend to pay Annual Membership Fee and a game fee at the same time, please select the “Member Game Fee” in the options.

Select option(s) to add to your cart:

Walk On Fee (£5.00)
Date :
Member Fee (£5.00)
Date :
Kit Hire (£5.00)
Annual Membership 2020-2021 (£40.00)

We, The Manx Airsoft Club, reserve the right to cancel and refund any bookings where necessary (i.e. overbooking in breach of mass gathering limits, suspected disease transfer, breaching of player/member social distancing standards if applicable etc).
If you wish to cancel your booking due to other reasons, please email ‘‘ a minimum of 24 hours before game start and we will refund the booking value in full.
We assure all attendees that Club cancellations of players bookings would only be done in the most extreme of circumstances.

Payment Methods
Currently we will only be accepting PayPal payments for online bookings, we will research and review other means of payment as the situation evolves where necessary. All payments will be made to our Club PayPal account, a payment confirmation will be issued along with an email from PayPal directly to you, either document is acceptable proof of purchase and should be brought with you on site.

Annual Membership Fees
Due to COVID-19 we have reduced the Annual Membership Fee (for the 2020/2021 period) to £40 to take into account the lost games for previously paid members. We hope this balances out the issue due to the pandemic & appreciate our players understanding on this matter.